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Obviously, I’ve been a little bit lax in the whole blog department, but I want to change that. Since POPPY’s been out I’ve done my fair share of work to promote the book. Not only that, but edits for book two, writing book three, and working on new projects have definitely been keeping me busy. HOWEVER, just as I make time to write, I plan to keep up with the blog. So many friends, family members, and fans follow my social media accounts and ask to hear more details/see more pics. That said, my upcoming posts might not be super long, but they will have enough info (with pictures) to keep everyone up-to-date. The first few posts will cover events I’ve done since POPPY’s release – from the launch party in September and Sharon Draper feeding me my launch cake at a PCTELA event, through BEA/BookCon just a few weeks ago. Not only that, but my mom recently discovered some pretty cool family history (hint: Edgar Allan Poe!), so stay tuned for a post about traveling to South Carolina and to a historical society filled with books, history, and ghosts, oh my!


The launch party for POPPY MAYBERRY was so much fun! Over 300 people came — family members, friends, neighbors, readers, students and community members! When everyone entered, they were able to search for their “weekday power” and then received a sticker telling everyone else of their magical power. (If you’ve read POPPY, then you know that people in her town have magical powers based on the day of the week they were born!) There were door prizes (writing journals, pens, notebooks, superhero stuff), a kids craft table, POPPY-inspired jewelry, a little speech/reading from me, and CAKE, of course.

lauch pics 6

Interview with ACDN-TV!

launch pics 5

Waiting for the fun to start!

launch pics 6

launch pics 8

Weekday power stickers and a Poppy “Rose” bracelet!

launch pics 3

The signing line

Launch pics 2

The signing line!

It was a fantabulous day! A HUGE thanks to everyone that came out to support POPPY!

xoxo! Jennie

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